Primary Research

Great business relies on great service. Knowing how people think and feel towards brands, service, and communication is critical to a thriving business.

Primary Research With Us.

Pricing Options.

Primary research has traditionally been expensive. Typically this means businesses rely on outdated, poorly collected, or no data at all. Our shared research programs, cost-effective DVTs (Digital Validation Tests), and private research options provide multiple options for your business to get the information you need.

More Feedback.

Dealing with a diverse network of respondents for results contains less bias than relying on only social media, existing customers/clients, and your existing business network for the same insights. Leveraging strategic partnerships, existing/past participants, and offline participant promotion help us deliver the best research. Utilizing your marketing expert to assist with marketings insights with can further help you get the best business impact.

Corporate Privacy.

Understanding and offering more to your customers and clients is what primary research is all about. To give you the greatest possible competitive advantage we mask your involvement with the study. This also helps filter biased opinions based on past experience with your brand. Giving the most accurate public opinion possible.

What Kind Of Research?

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Digital Surveys

One of the many ways we collect information from consumers is through intelligent digital surveys. By sitting down with a research consultant, businesses uncover their weaknesses, consumer assumptions, and potential next actions. The digital survey then helps us test these assumptions, and understand the best next steps for business.

Mock Situation

Through our DVTs (Digital Validation Tests) and strategic offline tests through strategic consumer interview’s/in-store experiments we test how consumers act when given alternative options. Mock situations minimize the cost and mitigating risk for new business initiatives or moves.

Consumer Conversation

Focus groups and consumer interviews are an important component of qualitative research. Understanding the factors consumers consider, what consumers look for, and how consumers feel towards particular claims gives deeper insight into why they make the choices they do. After our research period, we quantifying our findings, examine for trends and create actionable steps for our client.

Digital Validation Tests


Consumer tests allow for quick validation of an idea, expansion, or corporate direction change. Allowing us to observe the choices people make in real time gives us an accurate picture of where people place value in your business.


Digital Validation Tests follow a typical marketing sales funnel format designed to get users to make a decision about a product, service, or value proposition. Working with a research expert we’ll help you create very useful tests in multiple areas of your business. Offline validation tests are also available through a custom private research study.

Shared Research Program


By collaborating with multiple businesses the cost of primary research is greatly reduced for each independent business. The report is shared amongst all of the businesses and a customized private version is delivered to each of the individual businesses. Individual business information is not shared with the other businesses.


In addition to solutions for your business, get inspiration and ideas from various consumer insights for a wide range of local businesses.

Research Options

Costs are estimated on typical costs, availability and pricing can vary.

Business DVT


A digital validation test for your business to test consumer response.
  • Pre-test interview.
  • Quick development time.
  • Real-time leads and progress.
  • Private conclusions report.

Shared Research


Participate in our next study and get the results your business is looking for.
  • Pre-Research business interview.
  • Dedicated research expert.
  • Research conclusions report.
  • Business specific report.

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Private Study


Primary research based specifically on your corporate goals and roadblocks.
  • Industry/business specific research.
  • Study participant control.
  • Study format control.
  • Private results.
  • Business impact report.
  • Corporate presentation.

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