Tested Marketing Strategies

Pre-built, tested and proven, marketing strategies for you to implement in your business, Today.

Why Our Strategies?

Complete Control.

With results expectations and execution direction, you’ll have complete management control. Whether you’re working with internal creatives or an external agency you’ll know what costs to expect. What success looks like, and what failure looks like, and how to tell the two apart as quickly as possible. Our G.R.E.A.T Marketing Model is easy to follow and makes communication easy and clear for everyone.

Comprehensive Plan.

Built on the Reid Research and Marketing G.R.E.A.T marketing model, our marketing plans include 100’s of data points and take into account business type, brand goodwill, audience, emotional value, product type, and product value to make sure that your purchased plan is the best fit for your company and market. Prior to us publishing the plan for purchase, we’ve tested the plan in multiple markets and recorded the results so you know exactly what results to expect. You’ll get insights into the creative work, the average costs, how many people we reached, and what conversion methods we used to turn leads into customers.

Faster Deployment.

Planning a marketing strategy is time intensive and without data collection and campaign testing, you likely won’t know what results you can expect. Our pre-built campaigns take hours off of marketing strategy development and meeting time, in addition to saving you months of optimization and refinement on your strategy. Our strategy is laid out in a simple, understandable format that you can use to communicate to with your internal team or external agency. Leverage hundreds of hours in research and refinement in one purchase.

Want Access?

Our library of marketing strategies is still being tested and built, but if you’d like to be one of the first to access these prebuilt plans there are two things you could do.

Join Our Partner Program

We’ll be opening up our marketing strategy list to our current and past partners for use and feedback prior to opening it up to everyone. If you’d like to be the first to have access to our library you can join by joining the program today. Click here to be taken to our partner program details.

Join Our Early Access List

Not looking to become and Partner? Not a worry, you’re who we are designing these marketing strategies for. We’d love to get your feedback on making them the best they possibly can be. You can let us know you’re excited about our marketing strategies and get on our early access list by filling out our info form. Click here to be taken to the form.




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