Reid Research and Marketing studies consumer behavior and engineers proactive marketing solutions and strategies to make a bigger impact on customers everywhere.

Better Marketing

Understanding the customers perspective and quantitatively showing the results of marketing efforts were voted the top traits of an effective CMO by 340 top US marketers at for-profit companies.


Educate and Elevate marketing departments by refocusing business on what, when, how, why, and where consumers want to interact with business.


We want to increase the value delivered to end consumers everywhere by removing wasteful business marketing expenses and proactively managing our response to the evolution of consumer habits in every business we work with.

Working with Reid Research and Marketing

Reid Research and Marketing will help you manage and understand your marketing to the level you’ve previously only wished was possible. From primary consumer research to executable strategies, Reid Research and Marketing is your source for understanding consumer behaviour and modern marketing tactics. Bringing corporate vision and marketing execution together through consumer strategy, proper data measurement, and performance management.

Consumer Research

Consumer reports and studies for business use.

Marketing Partner Program

Data and marketing expertise for business performance.

Tested Marketing Strategies

Proven and execution-ready tactics for your business.

Why become a Partner?

Better Return.

Make smarter marketing decisions with Reid Research and Marketing by tapping into a network of marketing experience and data. With our advanced sales attribution modelling, you’ll be able to tell just how much each marketing activity impacts your business.

Better Communication.

Whether you’re working with an internal team or external agency. Communicating your corporate vision into marketing activities isn’t easy. Working with an expert that understands both your vision and how to execute will enable you to focus on business development and key decisions without getting lost in the execution.

Better Performance.

Measurement is fundamental to management and improvement. Working with Reid Research and Marketing will uncover new insights and metrics for boosting your marketing performance.

Meet your Expert.

Every business partner works directly with their dedicated marketing and data expert to get the most of their collected data. We make sure every business makes the most of each opportunity and understands their results.

Save Time

Efficient virtual meetings with knowledgeable experts that know the efforts and challenges your business is dealing with. You’ll save yourself hours of boardroom time, and months of trial and error marketing tactics by working with your expert.

Custom Success Goals

We’ll work with you to uncover your marketing goals. We’ll set up and track custom key performance indicators that show ground-level successes and inefficiencies.

Review Marketing Activities

We’ll put your marketing messaging and execution under the microscope looking for tweaks to maximize the impact. In addition to reviewing the return of marketing investment on each outreach project based on a business-specific attribution model.

Partner Benefits

Just some of the benefits partners receive from their Reid Research and Marketing expert.

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Deep Website Analytics

Your website is a hub for online activity and consumer behavior. Understanding how each metrics fits together will help you further understand the quality of your website traffic and how to convert that traffic into customers.

Search Engine Monitoring

Search engines are the standard method for navigating the internet. Monitoring the activity of your business in this space will give you an edge for determining potential demand, tracking your SEO performance, evaluating your brand recognition, and of course identifying areas of improvement.

Social Media Consulting

Social Media provides a new platform with new opportunities that businesses haven’t ever seen before. Deploying strategies for balancing long-term reward with short-term validation are vital for achieving success and demonstrating progress.

Offline Data Collection

Although the web has a remarkable amount of data and provides insight into almost every aspect of consumer behavior. It doesn’t track everything. Complementing our online data with offline traffic reports, lead reports, and customer activity is a sure fire way to make sure you aren’t leaving out any details.

Opportunity Monitoring

In today’s volatile marketing environment, new marketing tactics and tricks come and go each day. Your marketing expert will help you be proactive with new opportunities. Leveraging a network of businesses each analyzing 100’s of data points we can determine and test the potential value of new opportunities as they present themselves.

Measuring Advertising Performance

Advertising in all of its forms should have an impact on your business. Utilizing advanced online analytics and offline data collection points, we can understand and refine the impact your advertising has on the behaviour of your end consumer.

Attribution Modelling

Your marketing strategy should be unique to your business and customer. By modelling the flow of traffic offline and online, we can accurately attribute conversions or a percentage of conversions to various marketing investments. Providing a quantitative figure for each marketing activity.

Return On Marketing Investment Report

With the data collected and modeled correctly, you’ll have a comprehensive view of which marketing activities and messages have the greatest positive or negative impact on your bottom line.

Decision Making Assistance

When it comes to gauging new marketing opportunities, selecting creative/advertising agencies, staff involvement, and brand development. Getting a third-party opinion from your marketing and data expert gives you the insights you need to make the best decision possible.

Primary Research

We utilize primary research to get a deeper understanding of the choices consumers make in our community. Focus groups, (DVTs) digital validation tests, and consumer surveys are just some of the ways we ensure that the priorities of business and marketing reflect the values of their customers.

Tested Marketing Strategies

Pre-built marketing strategies that have been tested and proven under the microscope throughout our network of businesses. Purchase a plan based on a product or service, an advertising/reach platform, your value proposition category, or your desired results.

Consumer Conscious

Converting qualitative feedback into quantitative data and actionable answers are where we thrive.

Data Driven

We focus on the flow of traffic and behavior, being flexible to the evolution of marketing tactics and platforms.

Future Focused

Listening to consumers, and observing their behavior is how we project upcoming trends and the success of new initiatives.

Proper Priorities

All of our products, pricing, and services are based on giving you insights and data for better decision making, not selling you a specific platform, campaign, or distribution method.

Our Difference

With the burst of marketing opportunity and hyper-communication available through the internet. Marketers have been unable to balance corporate vision with the tactics and creativity required for daily marketing execution. All of the Reid Research and Marketing products and services aim to mitigate this crisis. Guiding corporate vision with consumer insights, and arming marketing teams with answers, data, and strategies to get the job done.

Our Preferred Creative Agencies

Here are some of our preferred advertising and creative agencies. Each of our partners provide valuable and skilled services in the area of advertising, design work, web development, and more.

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